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Could it BE any more metaphorical???

Posted Jan 26 2009 3:45pm
I had a dream the night before last that a fairy/angel came to me and gave me instructions for a 'treasure hunt'.
What I had to do was search this room for secret compartments. There wasn't necessarily anything in them, I just had to find the compartments.
I remember feeling exhilirated, because I had finally found something I was good at - finding hidden things / hiding spaces! It was like I'd found my true calling, and I was over the moon.
I found a particularly difficult one built into the wood beneath a coffee table, and the angel told me that I needed to put something in there that represented my father.
I searched until I found what I was looking for - a bracelet made of ice blue tears. I wanted to remove 7 of them, but ended up removing 10 of them and putting them into the compartment...
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