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Celebrities And Mental Ilness

Posted Oct 07 2008 6:19pm
I am currently watching a program about celebrities and mental illness. I think shows like this are actually a good thing for they remind people that celebrities are people too and like normal people they have a chance of developing mental illness.

The program started off with self harm or self injury or self mutilation and the celebrities that have dealt with it such as Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci, Angelina Jolie and a host of others. They did an alright job in this brief segment basically summing it up with the physical pain caused by self harm is easier to handle then the emotional pain.

Number nine on the list is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and for a long time Howie Mandel has been the spokesperson for OCD. Howie Mandel is a germaphobe to the point where he goes to great lengths not to participate in any activity where there is a chance that he may come in contact with germs such as shaking hands.

Number eight on the list is sleep disorders and the tragic example is that of Heath Ledger whose lack of sleep led to a dangerous cocktail of drugs that ended up taking this gifted young actors life.

Number seven is hoarding which I know very little about but I know that there is a strong need to not throw anything away, the easiest explanation would be if I throw out that old stuff bear then something bad is going to happen and I know this is a irrational thought but I am still not going to take the chance so the bear stays put.

Number six is Post Partum Depression and this is an area that is getting a lot of attention already which is a good thing. Gwyneth Paltrow dealt with post partum depression after the birth of her second son. The sudden switch in hormones is the culprit here. Brooke Shield dealt with a more severe form called post partum psychosis where there is a desire to injure yourself and the newborn.

Number five is Bipolar disorder. The sudden swings of moods and emotions. Linda Hamilton was first diagnosed with depression but the manic stages kept jumping in which ultimately led to a bipolar diagnosis. She tried to keep this disorder in control for a long time by self medicating with drugs and alcohol. Linda came off her meds then exercised for six hours a day to keep her emotions in check. Ben Stiller and Carrie Fisher have both admitted to being Bipolar.

Number four on the list is bulimia. American Idol Katharine McPhee who came to the realization that her purging was effecting her vocal cords and her singing voice. During the process of American Idol she was able to overcome bulimia

Number Three is another eating disorder which is anorexia and the celebrities attached to this life threatning condition is Jessica Alba and the tragic example of Karen Carpenter. Mary Kate Olsen has never admitted to this disorder but a number of people assume she is inflicted by this disorder but Olsen has checked into a rehab in the past to help overcome a eating disorder. An interesting part here is that Mary Kate would look at her TWIN sister and wonder why she could not be as beautiful as her.

Number Two is agoraphobia which is a panic disorder where the person is terrified that they will have a panic attack in a setting where there is no escape. For Hollywood this could mean a premier where all the cameras are on you and having a panic attack there may destroy your career. Kim Basinger suffered with this to the point where she was terrified to leave her own home.

Number One is Depression and Kirsten Dunst. Many people thought she checked herself into a rehab for drug and alcohol abuse but it turns out it was for depression. Finally sick of all of the negative talk around her Kirsten Dunst stepped forward and told the world she was getting help for depression. People were shocked that someone who seemed to have everything and everything going for her could be inflicted with depression. With this number one the show managed to go back to the start and remind people that celebrities are human and if your human you may end up with a mental health disorder.

take care

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