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Can it be my birth control causing my depression?

Posted by itssashhleyy

Alright here it goes. Im 18 years old and started taking birth control my junior year to help control my acne, which wasn't very severe at the time (I was a swimmer so my skin was irritated and dry from chlorine). About three months after starting the birth control I experienced my first panic attack when I was in bed, and after that I felt sort of a numbness and cloudy thinking. After that the anxiety kinda stuck and was okay at times but bad at other times. I forgot to take my birth control for a month and started it again and thats when my anxiety sky rocketed. So we decided to switch me to another. After taking it for a month I found out my insurance didnt cover it, mind you my anxiety was doing good while I was on this kind. So they switched me again to necon 777 (the birth control i am on now) and within the first three days of taking it i noticed my mood decrease a lot. i felt extremely numb about my whole life and couldnt bring myself to be happy. The sadness and numbness caused me to have some anxiety. I decided to wait it out and see if this would balance out of a few months. And it didnt, but it didnt get any worse. Now I am in my 5th pack and just finished my first week of pills and i am severely depressed, exhausted, numb, anxious, having nausea and trouble eating/no appetite. I havnt changed anything and im wondering if birth control just isnt right for me. I have nothing to be sad about i have a great boyfriend and great job and great plan to go to college and work with animals. Why am i so depressed?!?!?! I'm going to stop taking my birth control after this pack. My doc wanted to switch me to yaz but im just to scared and have had enough of this anxiety. When should i feel almost normal again after stopping these birth control pills? and what vitamins might help to enhance my mood through the hormone recovery balancing process? Also depression does not run in my family/nor am i overweight of have insecurity issues or anything that could be causing the depression. Im telling you it has to be this birth control.
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My doctor told me that the implant takes about a week for the hormones to work their way into/out of your system but I don't know if it's the same for pills.


As for vitamins, I don't know but I use homeopathic remedy sepia to stabilise my hormones/mood swings at that time of the month.

This made a lot of sence when i read this! I think it really could be the birth controal, because this sounds a lot like what happend to me. I was to councelars, on pîlls for depression, it was awefull. My thoughts were all over the place, one day i would like my job, and my bf and everything, and the next day it would be the oppisite!! (that has been since i went on the pill) I hope everything works out for you!

Hi there,

I haven't taken Necon 777 before but I looked up the patient information leaflet for you and depression is mentioned as a possible side effect. Also from doing another search depression is one of the most common reasons that women have stopped taking it and switched to another brand of birth control pills. So I think that yes it could well be the birth control pills and I hope if you are still having trouble with depressive feelings that it could be time to go and see your doctor again and ask to change to a form of birth control that would be more suitable for you.

All the best and take care :) 

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