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Benefits Of Flight Simulator Training

Posted Jun 02 2010 12:27pm

Benefits Of Flight Simulator Training

The use of flight simulators have been used for the preparation of pilots and future pilots by the aviation industry for the last few decades. With an asset such as flight simulation software trainers are able to get their students more hands on experience, help them prepare for real life emergencies and will continue to be a cost effective training aid. In this particular article I will cover the benefits of flight simulator training.

With the use of flight simulators as training aids the pilot or future pilot is able to log a ton of hours which will go along way to creating the best pilot possible and this has been proven by research provided by the military and the aviation industry. With the ability to experience a wide variety of aircraft and how each plane and helicopter respond to a selection of weather conditions the pilot will be able to hone his or her skills. The top edge flight simulation software also allow the pilot to land and take off from airports around the world each with its own uniqueness from elevation to the grade of the runway. Flight simulators will continue to be a valuable asset when it comes to training pilots.

It is essential that pilots and future pilots will no what to do if an emergency occurs for this is what separates the great aviators from the run of the mill and with the use of a flight simulator there is no fear of getting it wrong and costing countless lives. With a top end flight simulation program the pilot will be able to practice real life emergencies til they become comfortable with the necessary procedure. It is a lot more easier and safer to have an engine fire while sitting at a computer than at ten thousand feet in the air.

Unfortunately the cost of flying is very expensive and it is the main reason more people do not take up flying but thankfully the flight simulator is able to save the wanna be pilot and the aviator trainer a whole lot of money. The cost of a single hour in the air is more expensive than purchasing a flight simulator program. With the software aircraft training schools are able to offer their students tons more hands on experience than their budget would typically allow for. The military completely understands this and uses flight simulators at great length before allowing the pilot access to a multimillion dollar aircraft.

With the use of a high level flight simulator a pilot is able to gain hands on experience, be able to prepare for real life emergencies and a completely cost effect training choice. To become a great pilot and for pure entertainment value nothing beats a top level flight simulation program
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