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being perscribed Sertraline been on 50mg for 2 weeks now and not feeling any better, how long will it take to become effective g

Posted by skab

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yes my dosage got upped and started feeling benefits now thanks

I agree with Hope, I have also taken Sertraline in the past and like most anti-depressants it did take a while for me to feel the benefits of it, probably around 3-4 weeks. I found it worked really well for giving me a feeling like I had more motivation and energy but my dose was ramped up to the maximum 200mg within a few months. I hope that by now you are feeling the benefits of sertraline and if not, that you have started a new medication.

All the best and take care :) 

Hello Skab :)

Not to worry - I've been on Sertraline before (actually Zoloft - that was before there was a generic for it) - and I do know that it takes a good month for it to get into your system... so don't be disheartened... you just need to give it a little more time.  I know how hard it is and how frustrating it can be when you want and NEED to feel better - and a MONTH feel like forever... Hang in there - and remember - if after that month you still don't feel a difference contact your doctor - they may just need to tweek the meds for you... 

Take care :)


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