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Posted Jul 22 2013 1:42am
 Blizzard has been extended to the next day, standing on the platform, is simply impossible. I'm in the living room writing my recent trip to Antarctica to travel to the event, from the hall to hear in the middle of a blizzard of petrels and albatrosses flying up and down the howl. Nautilus No. not stop moving, it drove along the coast, when the sun crossed the sky left by the middle of the dawn, and then go forward ten nautical miles south. Cheap Clothes Online

The next day, March 20, snow stopped. Some weather is cold, the thermometer was minus two degrees. Fog away, I hope that today we can make out the orientation of the observation.

Captain Nemo did not come out, the first boat out of the Conseil and I, took Cheap Mens Clothes to the land up. Ground soil as before, is volcanic. Everywhere volcanic eruption, volcanic rock, basalt ruins, but I did not see these rocks to the crater ejected. Here as before, there are countless birds to this part of Antarctica Tim lively atmosphere. But together with the dead who possess this land, there is a large group of sea mammals, these animals take their gentle eyes staring at us. That is a variety of different seals. Some lay on the ground, some sleeping on sloping ice, some up and from the sea, or to go back to the sea. Cheap Designer Clothes Online saw Cheap Mens Clothes near to, do not run away, because Cheap Designer Clothes Online never had dealings with people, I see a lot of seals here, you can load several hundred ships. Cheap Womens Designer Shoes

Time is eight o'clock. You can take advantage of the sun's time for Cheap Mens Clothes to observe only four hours. I asked a large harbor walked step by step, to make cut crescents Bay, in the middle of the granite cliffs.
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