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Bang Bang Maxwell's Silver Hammer....

Posted Oct 26 2008 8:51am
I did a painting last night. It might not look like it, but I spent ages on it.
I just let my intuition guide the paintbrush, and I really enjoyed it. I'm happy with how it turned out too, although it looks a lot better in real life than in the photo!
It took me a while to come up with a name, I needed to let it come. Eventually, I called it 'Nature's Fire'.
It's been so long since I got the paints out - and everyone is inspiring me!
It was fun. Almost meditative.
Must do more!
Tomorrow (today...) is my Outpatient Review appointment at the hospital with Flowerman. Afterward I have a session with B too.
So another half day hanging around the ward waiting for doctors.... I'm taking a book.
I went to Mum and Grandma's for a BBQ dinner tonight. It was really nice. I took Isa along to give her some time outdoors, she loves it. Hates the car though, lucky it's only 3 minutes away.
I finished my YAAD assignment for tomorrow night. It was fun getting to pick the crystal and herb. I wonder what everyone else picked?
I don't think anyone will be surprised by the herb I did it on, hehe.
Now to start on the 'Who Am I' project. That should be interesting.... and a little daunting maybe.
Mum is signing me up to work at the Department of Education. I'm going to get a few shifts with her at her school first, then I can get some casual work at any of the other local schools. I'm looking forward to it. It probably wont be a lot to start with, maybe only a shift every couple of weeks. But eventually I can get a few days a week.
I feel like I'm ready for this now. I hope I am.
Geez, it's 2am already!
Every night I have good intentions to go to bed 'early', but the time just flies, it's crazy.
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