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At last

Posted Jun 12 2013 8:34am

After all the stress, the wedding turned out as perfect as one could hope for. In spite of the fact that I forgot a couple minor things and neither one of my daughters were there, a good time was had by all (as my grandmother used to say). Leading up to the wedding, however, I was a mess, and the last two weeks the slightest thing would set me off crying. I hated being that way, and hated having to ask my doctor for Klonopin .

Our OSU Beer Pope was awesome, friends and family brought delicious food, the DJ did an excellent job, and unexpected old friends showed up. We danced (no back pain-must've been the tequila), cried, drank, and acted a bit silly for a couple of old farts.

Greg has been wonderful, just letting me cry and saying "what can I do to fix it?" As a domestic violence survivor, it took me a long time to get used to being treated so well. I never imagined I'd get married again, and feel so lucky to have found someone who doesn't even understand the concept of how one person could be so cruel to another. Finding someone who accepts my bipolar disorder was another thing I never expected to happen. We've been together 5 years (in August), and I have no doubt we'll be together for the rest of our lives.

If you're interested, there are a few more pictures here . There's also a video of the short ceremony, but I haven't edited it yet.

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