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Article Marketing Tool Unique Article Wizard

Posted Jul 15 2010 3:20pm

I am a huge fan of article marketing and a huge fan of Unique Article Wizard which has enabled me to make money online through their incredible system. In order to make money through article marketing it is essential that you work is getting in front of as many eyes as possible. In this article I will show you the inner workings of Unique Article Wizard and how it can make you money.

When you have finished an article all you have to do is head over to Unique Article Wizard and use one of the many wizards to start the process. The wizards will have you rewrite each paragraph two times so that you end up with a total of three articles. The program will then spin the articles into hundreds of unique works. It is up to you at the rate that the brand new articles are submitted but I have found twenty five directories per day seems to work the best. The articles are checked to make sure that there are no errors and that they are not keyword loaded to ensure the best results. Once your article is approved the submission process begins.

On average your unique articles are submitted to well over five hundred different directories, blogs and websites depending on the categories you have chosen. Each day Unique Article Wizard will mail you with a submission report for that day including the number of directories submitted to that day and the total number submitted during the campaign. Once an article has run through the entire process which can be up to two weeks if you are submitting at a low rate and sometimes even longer. When this is done you can either resubmit the article to new categories, archive the document or rewrite the article and start all over again which is what I tend to do.

Now that you articles are submitted to such a huge amount of directories and a incredible amount of back links has been created in the process you will move up the ranks in the search engines rather quickly. Every single time I create a new website I send out a series of articles through Unique Article Wizard and it gets my site noticed fast by Google. I should warn you that the longer that you are using this program the more value that you will receive. Also this service is not meant for the person who only writes a couple of articles a month but the serious affiliate marketer who is trying to make money online. Running a number of articles on a single campaign will bring in a steady stream of traffic which will hopefully translate into sales.

If you are in the business of article marketing than you need to be able to not only write quality articles but also make sure that they are getting in front of the eyes of the consumer. Unique Article Wizard has been my main tool for quite sometime as nothing else has delivered such quality back links and traffic to my websites. If you want to make money online through article marketing make sure that you have a submission tool that is completely effective.
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