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Are you a Lawyer Fighting Symptoms of Depression?

Posted Sep 28 2009 2:15pm

Prevent Lawyer Burn out Syndrome Through Meditation


As an attorney who practiced in several fields of law in Florida and had my own Law Firm, I know that the law is an unforgiving profession and that the burn out syndrome is right around the corner for many of us. 


Being a lawyer requires a commitment of tireless dedication and perfection. Society places a standard of extremely high expectations on lawyers, which in turn feeds our innate tendency to be perfectionists and competitive people.   It’s that combination of our tendency to be perfectionists, society’s expectations, and the daily grind with clients, deadlines, judges, and staff that can catapult just about anyone into incredible amounts of stress, feelings of helplessness and depression. It’s no wonder that so many lawyers suffer from burnout syndrome!


It’s easy to see why the field of law has such a high percentage of drug and alcohol users who likely use these substances to shield themselves from their daily stress levels.


The amount of dedication necessary to succeed in this profession has led many lawyers to getting burned out and not performing at their highest efficiency levels. It also affects their social interactions with their staff, clients, judges, friends, and family members.   I personally know more divorced lawyers than I would like to admit.


It really is a shame because we just never learned how to balance our professional lives with our personal lives. For some reason, they just never taught us that in school. As a result, we bring the stress in the workplace with us in our briefcase to open it up at home and continue experiencing it instead of focusing on our family during the few waking hours that we are at home and away from the office!


The good news is there is a solution to this problem.


Don’t worry; it does not require health insurance, medicine, seeing a psychologist, or even leaving your house or office for that matter.   It's simple and it works; its meditation.  Meditation is not a religion, it is not hypnosis, and it does not require you to be part of any sort of religion or culture or religious at all.


Take a moment and discover how meditation can help you prevent lawyer burn out syndrome, enable you to enjoy your profession, become more efficient at work, more emotionally and mentally present at home, and just happier in general.


Sonia Gallagher is a retired attorney who is now the Editor of My Meditation Garden, a site dedicated to sharing different meditation techniques, Free Guided Meditation Videos, information about the benefits of meditation, and ways of applying meditation to daily life in practical ways for busy and overworked professionals, parents, college students, and business owners. She does this in an easy to understand, “plain English” manner.

Go ahead and get your free copy of The Meditation Guide for Successful Lawyers today and learn how meditation can help you beat and better deal with the stress you face on a daily basis and get free guided meditations specifically for relaxation.

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