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A very boring post (unless I’m inspired halfway through), or a very inspiring post (unless I’m bored halfway th

Posted May 07 2010 12:00am


I don’t have anything to say.  Great way to start a post.  I am killing time.  I may as well do a mini-update thing, spring clean my current life-cupboard.  That makes less than no sense and is near to nonsense.  That last sentence sounds like something out of Alice In Wonderland.  Which I went to see a week ago.  [edit: saw it a month ago - just never posted this]

Neat link I think ;)

I’ve just decided I will write the rest of this post in rhyme – for the hell of it and to give me a challenge.  Starting…NOW.  WOW. (see, already started)

3D is not for me

Alice has pep

and i like johnny depp

but one has to ask

does 3-D just mask

the film maker’s task?

Will the plot goes to rot

as the masses wear glasses

to detect an effect

seen off the screen

flying rock shock

fast paced past your face

a triffid more vivid

in the palace of Alice.

make people blue, like that’s something new,

the rebirth of smurf

you’ve stepped on their turf.

No malice to Alice,

but 3-D for me,

is a fad that is bad.

Plus your cash takes a bash

the mind boggles with goggles

at the end you pretend

“wow! the glasses add masses,

what effects they project!”

Either that or fall flat

“I look like a twat”.

2-D, or not 2D?

3-D is the quest.

Goggles are best.

Beneath them conceal

a film that’s surreal,

a fire-stoker,

box-office stroker

a film.. mediocre?

For the record, I don’t have a vendetta against the 3-D thing (except the mark-up on the price and the hype).  Avatar isn’t exactly my kind of film – a bit too sci-fi, a bit too ”let’s make a social/political point” - but I did think it looked good in 3-D lol.  I thought it worked better three dimensionally than Alice in Wonderland, which is closer to the kind of film I do like.  This is the thing, though.  I think A in W is a decent film, but I won’t know until I can watch it on DVD; same goes for Avatar.

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