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10 Essentials For Healthy Living: Eat Nutritiously

Posted Dec 22 2011 4:34am

10 Essentials For Healthy Living: Eat Nutritiously

By: Phil Holleman


I recently made the choice to start eating better. It hasn’t been easy, but I turned it into a process rather than doing it cold turkey.

One of the first changes was to allow myself a “cheat day.” That’s one day a month where I eat and drink anything I want. No questions. No worries. Whatever I want. That has made the process easier because I “reward” myself for maintaining the course during the month.

Somewhere along the way, I ran across a phrase that made a serious impression on me. Basically, the things we eat today are food-like substances. Not food, but substances. The more I thought about this phrase, the more I realized I want to eat real food, not substances.

To that end, I have started reading labels on products to find out what’s in them. It has been a learning experience. It seems as though there is more stuff in food items to make them sweet or preserve them than there is food itself. High fructose corn syrup , hydrogenated oils , partially hydrogenated oils, aspertame , food coloring. The list goes on. What are we really putting into our bodies? It’s time we find out!

In his book, 10 Keys To Create Wellness, Michael R. Ellison shares four food choices that will help us on our wellness journey.

Choose to eat whole foods instead of processed foods

We must work on staying away from:

  • Whole grains processed into white flour
  • Sweet foods such as cane or sugar beets processed into white sugar
  • White rice
  • Fats processed through hydrogenation

We must add more vegetables and fruits to our diet. Raw is better, but lightly steamed or stir-fried is healthy.

Choose to eat more fish and less beef or fatty meat

With regard to fish, I was told by a very knowledgeable source that any fish caught in the wild is better than any fish which is farm-raised. Choose fish which is is high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, cod, albacore tuna, haddock, bluefish, and sardines. Avoid meats which have been laced with antibiotics or genetically-engineered substances.

Choose to eat breakfast

Protein at breakfast can sustain our blood sugar levels at an even level until way past lunch. Regulated blood sugar levels enable our bodies to avoid resorting to adrenaline to sustain energy or cope with stress. When we control the release of adrenaline and insulin into our bodies, there is less likelihood of developing diabetes. By eating a balanced fruit and protein breakfast, there is a lower tendency to overeat during the day. It becomes easier to eat several small portions of food throughout the day, which is the best way to maintain blood sugar levels and weight.

Supplement our eating plan with necessary nutrients

I take what I like to call the Healthy Foundation . It includes:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Daily multivitamin
  • Sublingual B-12 tablet

There are a lot of changes to be made in order to have a healthy diet. Let’s start with something easy, then move to the next easiest. It’s a process, and everything can be accomplished in moderation. Why not make the first step to read labels and understand the ingredients in the food we purchase. By doing this, we can start to limit the high fructose corn syrup and and hydrogenated oils.

Let’s do this!

Yours in good health,


Phil Holleman spent over 11 years struggling with major depression. During that time, he learned how important it is to live a healthy life. He created to help others who are on their journey to wellness.

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