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Talk to Your Dentist About Implants by Umer A. Facebook Dental implants can be necessary for those who have missing teeth because of decay, disease, injury or even defects. They are right for patients of all ages. This also inclu ... Read on »
Poor Oral Health Affects Olympic Athletes' Performance by Umer A. Facebook Oral Health Affecting Athletes Training regimen for all Olympic athlete is intense, but getting oral health into shape is usually not part of the routine. The new researc ... Read on »
Why Bicon Dental Implants? by Umer A. Facebook Why Bicon Dental Implants? If your dentist has advised you to consider dental implants, know that you have a variety of different options. Not only can you choose differe ... Read on »
Crowns Are The Simple Solution For Teeth Problem by Umer A. Facebook ?Early this year in a national dental meeting at anchorage it was discussed by dentists that some of us may be lucky and through our life never have any cavities or tooth de ... Read on »
Who Should Consider Porcelain Veneers And When? by Umer A. Facebook Cosmetic dental treatments are excellent solutions to a wide variety of tooth problems, and porcelain veneers are quite popular because of their esthetic advantage. However, ... Read on »
Embracing Your Oral Health by Marielaina Perrone DDS Maintaining our oral health can be challenging at times. We all live busy schedules but research has shown that good oral health can lead to good overall health. Below are s ... Read on »
Hampton Cove - Our New Office by Dr. Dean Brandon Our new Pediatric Dentistry office opens in March 2015 to serve our patients in the Hampton Cove area. Alabama Pediatric Dental Associates and Orthodontics (APDA) now h ... Read on »
Testing the Limits of Endodontic Surgery by Dr. Jason Hales Doctor of Dentistry PreOp #24 and #25 - RCT done about 40 years earlier. PostOp Apicoectomy  Because of the resorption at the apex of #25, a traditional root e ... Read on »
Fresh Breath For Valentine’s Day by Marielaina Perrone DDS Are you planning a romantic evening with your loved one for Valentine’s Day?  When you know that you are going to be up close to someone you care about, fresh breath is impo ... Read on »
Can Kissing Harm Your Dental Health? by Marielaina Perrone DDS Everyone likes giving or receiving kisses especially around valentine’s day. It could be a spouse, child, or loved one, but are there any dental health dangers associated wi ... Read on »