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Your First Pair of Dentures

Posted Nov 06 2008 11:40pm

Dentures can literally change the way you feel about yourself because suddenly you’ll have a mouth full of perfect teeth. It is this fact that has many people deciding that dentures really are the way to go. They have many hopes, but they sometimes find using their new dentures is not always easy. You may have some pain and discomfort and you might feel awkward with them in your mouth. Here are some useful common-sense tips you can utilize to help smooth the process of breaking in your new dentures and give you a feeling of confidence.

You will feel better about your first pair of dentures if you admit before hand that it may take some time to get accustomed to the look and feel of dentures in your mouth. Many people assume that they will walk out of the dentist office without any discomfort or unfamiliarity, but this is simply not true. Like anything else, the process of breaking in your dentures takes time. A general rule is to give yourself one week of acclimation time for each decade of your age.

Be prepared to call the dentist if your gums get sore because your dentures rub the gums excessively and cause ulcers. Don’t panic and assume you can’t wear dentures. Just call your dentist and ask him to adjust them for you.

A good part of breaking in your dentures and getting familiar with them is learning how to speak properly. Instead of going out to lunch with friends to show off your new teeth, stay home and talk to your pets or your plants. They are not judgmental beings, and you’ll be able to determine where your speech needs more work before you can go out and socialize with confidence.

Spend time counting. In fact, many dentists suggest counting from 65 to 70 as these are the sounds that take the most effort to pronounce because your muscles have to work in a whole new way. The more you practice the quicker your muscles will adapt.

Leave your dentures in your mouth for the first two or three nights. Generally, you remove them at bedtime, but it’s a good idea to leave them in the first few nights to help you become more accustomed to the way they feel.

As you can see, there will be an adjustment period. The older you are, the longer it will take to become accustomed to the look and feel of your new dentures. Just be patient, wear your dentures as much as possible, and practice talking. Following these tips will greatly assist you in breaking in your new dentures and conditioning the gums so that you can move smoothly from real teeth to living confidently with dentures. It may seem like a long process, but it will take less time than you might expect as long as you are diligent.

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