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You First

Posted Jun 05 2012 10:20pm
I saw a post on Facebook about a teenage runner who stopped during a race to help another runner who had been in front of her, and had fallen. She helped her across the finish front of her. She put her across the finish line first. And she seemed to think nothing of it. Watch here: The world is competitive and it's easy to forget our true purpose in life. We can get so caught up in being the best, that we can forget to be good. The problem with that is: when you spend all your time, energy and focus on being better than everyone else, you have little time to enjoy your success, if you actually do succeed. Even that success depends on who's definition of success you're using. The pinnacle can be a lonely spot and if you've alienated others on the way to the top, you may just stay lonely. On the other hand, you can work hard, strive for excellence, and still be good. Sometimes, someone striving for excellence is quieter than the person who has to be the best, and that's ok. They've learned to stop worrying about who notices them and to be happy doing a good job. In the end, as this video shows, goodness attracts attention and draws admiration. And isn't that what the person who drove themselves nuts trying to be the best was aiming for all along?
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