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Posted Jun 13 2009 12:17am

X      First, for anyone who typed "X-rated" into Google, go back to Google and keep looking.  I'm sorry if I disappointed you.  Now, if you're a regular reader of this blog, I doubt many of you sit around wondering what I'll come up with next, but I bet one or two of you did want to see what I'd come up with for the letter X in this alphabet series.  I actually got my dictionary out and there are not many X words, but here goes.
    You definitely want staff members that are Xenophiles, because if they are they'll be friendly and accepting toward foreigners.  Since we live in a global community you can't afford to have bigoted staff members.  Even if they never show it to the patients, the Xenophiles on your team will be offended, maybe enough to leave the practice.  I once worked with some bigoted people and it was eXtremely hard to deal with. 
    It is also important for them to be Xenial.  In ancient Greece this translated to being hospitable.  Xenial Xenophiles will make your practice welcoming to patients of all races, religions and lands of origin.  That's a good thing.
    Of course you don't want your team members to be afflicted with Xerostomia so that their breath is always eXceptionally pleasant, and you do want them to be able to discuss products containing Xylitol that are available to treat this condition with your patients.  This way when your patients are telling their friends all about their great dentist, their friends aren't wondering why he doesn't do something about that halitosis. 
    Clinically you want them to be proficient at taking X-rays and passing you the Xylocaine.  Hopefully the administrative staff makes proper use of the Xerox machine and are not amusing themselves by photocopying their faces or other body parts on it.  It is also important that everyone knows all about the Xiphoid process so that they don't hurt you or someone else if the Heimlich maneuver is ever called for.
    If your staff possesses all these qualities, and the ones mentioned previously in all the other posts on the alphabet series, your office will be a regular Xanadu.  That's an eXciting thought.  I can't get too comfortable yet though, there's still Y and Z.   I notice that they saved the hard letter for the end.  That's ok, I don't mind an eXtra challenge.  Xanadu_2

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