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will the swelling in my gums go away naturally?

Posted by pandaemmyboo

ok, i have recently had strept throat, and i was out of school for three days, the highest my fever got was 100.3, i am taking amoxicillin for the throat pains, and i have canker sores in the back of my mouth and on the inside of my cheeks,i have otified my doctor about these and she perscribed me this thing that they call "*magic mouthwash",  and i have a few small cuts on the tip of my tounge from poking at them. on the thrid day that i was sick a section of gum between my teeth started to swell i didnt think anything aobut it and i thought i had just hurt it wile flossing, so i didnt think much of it, then another section of gums would swell as the days go by. and im asking if they will un swell naturally or if it is nessacery to go see my doctor again or if it will do away naturally?
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