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Will the pain ever go ??

Posted by lucy1962

i had a really bad infection from a dry socket he dug it out packed it once, now on my 11th day and still in pain, i can taste the packing i just left it their whilst healing, he said would be fine as medicated, I rinse with corsedyl, still on ibrufen 1200mg and co- drydamol 500mg I dont feel infection, just feel very bruised, never known pain go on for so long, he said the worst pain I will ever have GREAT.
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A "Dry Socket" is essentially a bone exposure following the disintegration of the blood clot formed immediately after the oral surgery.

It usually takes 7-10 days for the bone to be protected by healing gum tissue.  Systemic drugs like ibuprofen can help, but the safer and more effective way to be pain-free is to have the socket packed DAILY with fresh medication-gauze.  The pain medicine is leached out by saliva and renders the packing ineffective after 18-24 hours--so it needs to be changed DAILY to stop your pain.  Taking so many pain pills orally can really irritate your stomach.  Want to feel better? See your surgeon-this packing is not available over the counter in drug stores.

Good Luck! Dr. R 

Thanks for your reply, I have had a lot of problems with one tooth, 4 root canals were done, and gum sliced for 1st infection. He packed once said I will be in pain, never said I need to return, never answered calls when I was in pain. I really dont want to go back anymore, and I am persuing his neglegance.

It looks like healing the whole has got a bit smaller, still dark red, but could be packing as well, I want to leave packing there until the healing pushes it out, I know not ideal, but it does give some relief, Im a bit better this morning still swollen, now 12 days, will it take much longer to heal this way ? Could not eat or drink yesterday, seemed strange that on the 7th day so much pain, but on the 8th and 9th less, now on 10th 11th & 12th medium. Seeing dr tomorrow, just for time off work to heal, cant go into cold for long hurts.

Thanks Lucy

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