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Why would your tongue crack and bleed?

Posted by movie_princess_23

This morning, I woke up and my tongue had cracks in the center and was bleeding. Not gushing but bleeding. I don't know why. I have been a little stopped up, but I thought it was allergies. Why did my tongue crack and bleed?
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The most usual cause of this kind of problem is mouth breathing while sleeping.  When the room air is dry and there is mouth breathing, the tender surface of the tongue can become "dried out".  The tongue wants to be always moist with saliva.  When it dries the surface can "crack" or split to cause small sores.  They quickly heal but can be tender.  Cure? Stop mouth breathing, sip water when you waken through the night, and/or get a humidifier.  Don't suck on candy to stimulate saliva.


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