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why is the outside of my gum still swollen 3 weeks after a tooth extraction?

Posted by lhg1978

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Oral Surgery has the potential for experiencing more complications than other surgeries because there are two completely different tissues involved in the healing process: 1) Bone and 2)Soft Tissue.

The healing of the soft tissues overlying the bone proceeds more rapidly than the knitting of the bone itself.  The soft tissue closes and protects the wound in a few days.  The laying down of new bone cannot begin until the blood clot "organizes" and provides a healthy superstructure in which new bone can be formed.

The repair of a bony defect folowing oral surgery will take months.  The bone in the injured area totally remolds over that time to restore the optimal contours possible.

This being said, persistant or worsening swelling and soreness could  be the sign of residual infection or bone fragments that need professional attention.

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