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Why is my knee swollen and unable to bend without discomfort?.

Posted by turtle

I was dancing last Saturday,since then I had this problem, the discomfort and swollen disappear when I go to bed, but as so as I get up and start the day it comes back.

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Sheryl is correct you more then likely injured it while you were dancing. Your body uses acute inflammation to try to neutralize toxicity. Think of your reaction to a bee sting: redness, swelling, heat and pain. This is not caused by the toxins in the bee venom. It is the reaction of your body as it tries to eliminate the toxicity:

* Redness is the increase in blood supply to bring in immune system antibodies and remove the neutralized venom.

* Swelling is the lymphatic fluid that dilutes the concentrated poison while providing proteins for repair of the tissue damaged by the toxins.

* Heat comes from immune system activity as it battles the invading contaminant.

* Pain causes us to guard that area from further damage.


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Hi Turtle,

It's possible that you injured your knee, but won't be able to officially determine that until you see a doctor. You could see your GP or an orthopedic doctor. I'd recommend that you get it looked at.

 Be well,

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