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Why does my teeth hurt when I brush my teeth?

Posted by Amyjohnson

Hi, I'm a sixteen year old girl with strange tooth pain.  I brush my teeth every two times a day. I don't floss as frequently as I should. But lately I start having werid pain in my lower teeth. The pain ocurs every single time I attempt to brush it. Do you know the cause of the pain? And what can I possibely do to get rid of it? And is there any speical tooth paste I should start using? Thanks
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i have this problem i use crest extra whitening and every time my tooth paste touches it it hurts almost bad enough for me not to brush... it sometimes hurts when i eat sweets... im 16 and a male...

It sounds like your gum line may be receding in the area. If that's the case, there's nothing that can be done to reverse the recession, but you can use a sensitivity toothpaste to be able to brush without pain.

I went through the same problem two years ago. Started using any toothpaste marked 'sensitivity' and brushing hasn't hurt since.

As for stopping the recession, if it is happening, you can see a dentist for a cleaning (they'll remove the calculus that pushes the your gum line down) and floss more often to prevent it from building up again. 

I have the same thing with my big front tooth - I odn't want to go tthe dentist :( thing is I have sensodine and it still hurts :((
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