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Who Are Your Giants?

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:17am

"If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulder of giants."           
     ~Issac Newton~

    Who are your giants?  They are the people that you learned from along the way.  The ones that cared enough to be tough on you and took the time to be patient with you.  They are your teachers, your coaches, your mentors, your co-workers...anyone that you've had an impact on or that has had an impact on you.  Many times we reach a certain level of success or satisfaction with ourselves and begin to think of all we've achieved.  We can forget that there were people who showed us the way and allowed us to find our own unique path to success. 
    Your first giants were probably your parents, siblings and extended family.  My grandfather was one of my giants.  No matter what I did, right or wrong, he let me know that I was still ok with him.  My mother was a giant to me in her example of how to treat others.  No one was unworthy of her esteem and goodwill.  She was one of the givers of this world.  My husband and children are giants in their unconditional love for me.  They are the feather bed that I fall on when life's events hurt or tire me.  They are the bubbles in the celebratory glass of champagne when things go well.  They are the warm embrace that gets me through anything. My husband is the person who loves me when I'm unlovable and tells me that I'm the best. He is my constant giant. Tom Morris and Ed Brenegar were giants to me when I was at a crossroads in my working life.  They kept me aware of the fact that the world was open to me and that I could choose the path I wanted and do what it takes to enjoy my journey.  My boss, Jeff Price is one of my giants.  He keeps me grounded without pinning me to the ground.  He has given me opportunities to grow and achieve, advice that made sense rather than placating, and guidance when my path had too many rocks in the road.
    I can try to pay them all back by being the giant someone else will think of someday when they are taking stock of their life and the people in it.  When I do that, I not only help someone else, I realize how much of themselves my giants put into helping me.

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