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Whitening Porcelain Veneers: An Overview!

Posted Jan 24 2013 10:15am

When it comes to whitening porcelain veneers, this is a procedure in which a thin shell of porcelain or plastic is bonded to a tooth in order to improve its color and shape. A veneer will cover the front and the top of your tooth and it can also be used in closing the spaces between your teeth, to lengthen small and misshapen teeth and to whiten dark or stained teeth. For a person who has a chipped tooth, or teeth that are starting to wear, a veneer can protect the teeth from further damage and can also aid to restore the original appearance of your teeth.


The following are the benefits that a person can derive from dental veneers in Bellevue.


- A natural appearance of the teeth is restored.

- Your gum tissues can tolerate porcelain well.

- Another benefit is the fact that porcelain veneers will be stain resistant.

- You can choose the color in order to make your dark teeth appear whiter.

- Veneers also provide a traditional approach of changing the color and the shape of your tooth.


However, a person needs to learn that once the veneer has been placed, the process cannot be reversed. The veneers could also become dislodged and then fall off, and if you have unhealthy teeth, you cannot have them placed on your teeth.


Getting dental veneer in Bellevue usually requires three trips to your dentist. During the first trip, includes the consultation with the dentist and the teeth examination in order to ensure that you are a good candidate for veneers. The procedure as well as its limitations will be discussed with you and the dentist can also take x-rays in addition to making impressions of the teeth and the mouth.


The dentist will then prepare your tooth for the whitening porcelain veneers and this involves removing half a millimeter of your enamel from the tooth's surface. A model of your tooth is created and then sent to the dental lab for the veneer to be constructed. Before a dental veneer is placed permanently, the dentist places it temporarily on the tooth in order to gauge how it fits and also to judge the color match. Once the dentist is satisfied, the veneer is cemented permanently to the tooth.


Once you have veneers installed in place, they will feel like a natural part of your teeth line and you can use them just as your natural teeth. On the other hand, they can still be damaged if you do not take good care of them. In order to protect veneers from becoming chipped, it is advisable that you avoid biting hard substances. For instance, you should slice apples before you eat them. Chewing on your fingernails, pencils or even paper clips should be avoided. You should also avoid grinding or clenching your teeth afterNew Bellevue Dental Veneerhas been placed on your tooth.

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