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White Lines & Spots on Fron Teeth

Posted by JH23

Over the last few months I've got white spots & little white lines come on my front two teeth at the ends & also some white spots on other front teeth. I am struggling to find the root cause as more keep coming slow-time & its really upsetting me. I follow a good diet with little sugary foods- if I have them, I have them after a main meal. I drink mainly boiled water, green tea & only 2x tea a day. I use Colgate Total toothpaste & Fluroguard Mouthwash & floss. I've gone back to using a manual soft toothbrush (instead of electric) but so far no difference. I've also just ordered a good multi-vitamin in case I'm lacking anything. My dentist says there’s little he can do. Do you know what is causing them?, I would really like your help? Thank you
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