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What kind of Dental Insurance should I get?

Posted Jul 12 2009 10:14pm 2 Comments

I need to get my wisdom teeth taken out, but don’t have any dental insurance at the moment. I’m unable to get it through my employer, so I need to find a cheap plan that would allow me to choose my own dentist . …

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What kind of Dental Insurance should I get?

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What is it like in America? Not everything is covered by your NHS as in England. Do people fly to other clinics too , I mean to different countries like people in Englad? Here they usually choose eastern european clinics and it is not surprising as many services are excluded and the insurance does not cover them...I fly to dentalPoland and that helped me save loads on my health...I sometimes have no idea where prices come from...Why aren't we entitled to have everything done by docs...We all pay taxes but some things are beyond comprehension.

The problem with insurance plans is that they usually have waiting periods of 12 months for major services.  You could try a <a href="">discount dental card</a> that would offer you discounts immediately.  At least that would lower the bill for you!

Jared B. 

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