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what is the lump on the outside wall of my gums?

Posted by hypergal11

about 6 months ago i got a root canal done on a tooth located on the bottom right side of my mouth. the root canal was to be done in two separate visits since it wasn't completely finished during my first visit. after the first appointment they stuck a cement-type piece into the tooth that was being worked on and i was told to come back to get it finished in a month. but after a month went by i didn't have the money to go back... so i put it off. after 2 months the cement piece fell out leaving me with basically a hollow tooth but still i didn't have the money to go back. it has now been about 6 months and i just discovered a small lump on the outside wall of my gums beside that particular tooth. what is this exactly? i am sure it is an infection but i wasn't sure how severe it is. i am in the process of getting dental insurance so that i could get it checked out at a more reasonable price... is it okay to wait a few weeks?
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