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What is the life expectancy of my avulsed tooth?

Posted by danielly2

In april of 2004 I was hit in the mouth by a line drive from a softball. My right front tooth was avulsed. the other two surrounding were knocked back and eventually died. I had root canals on all three teeth. I am just worried about how long my avulsed tooth and other two necrotic teeth will last. Will I have to eventually get implants? Is there anything I can do to make my teeth last as long as possible in my mouth? With the avulsed tooth I am also experienceing light, but painless throbbing.. what does this mean?
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The dentist who performed the endodontics and replantation is more aware of the anatomic realities associated with your accident can answer your questions with informed knowledge better than I can generalize from the incomplete information you can provide in an email.  That dentist is the best source of the answers you are seeking.
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