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What does a bruised TMJ condyle represent?? Soft Tissue damage?? (I have many other TMJ sypmtoms)

Posted by KR

To put a long story short: I've had headaches behind my temples and back of my head for over a year, along with occasional earaches, tinnitus, ear stuffiness, occasional stiff neck.  I went to my dentist who found some loose anterior teeth (bicuspids??) he had me wear a Kois deprogammer and after two weeks one of my jaw muscles spasmed and was painfully stuck sideways.  I went to the ER.  Next day, saw head and neck surgeon who did CT scan and sent me to a maxillofacial surgeon who did MRI.  He found deranged discs on both sides and gave me an arthrocentesis.  I still have headaches, earaches, occasional dizziness and my joints feel BRUISED on the condyle.  He gave me botox a week and half ago which seems to have done nothing.  He said he would see me again but that "there is not much more I can do for you, but I will have a look."  

My Question:  What does that mean??  If I have these symptoms, does a bruised condyle represent anything??? Occasionaly when I open my mouth and put my finger inbetween the condyle and base of my skill it feels VERY SORE.  Does this indicate soft tissue issues??  And is this enough for him to decide to look at it through a scope??  Or do I get a pat on the back and sent on my merry way??   How do you know if there's a soft tissue issues and what is the next step in doing something about it?  Even if I apply moist heat, do I do that for the rest of my days?  Does soft tissue damage heal with moist heat??
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