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what are these white spots in my mouth?

Posted by melissacarlson

they are on the inside of my cheeks. sometimes they go away...then come back. th ey're on both sides of my cheeks. 
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I had these white spots in my mouth, too.  I went to a dentist and was told that at one point it was taught by older dentist that these white spots appear due to poor dental hygeine.  Many years past and now it is taught to newer dentist that the cause is unknown why these "fever blisters" or some people call them "mouth ulcers", and some people call them cold sores.   One thing is known to dentist is that they seem to appear on people who are in a stressful situation in their life.  One dentist told me that gargling with salt and water and that the salt should dry them up pretty quickly.   The dentist told me that they should go away within 7 to 11 days and sometimes even 14 days, if it does not heal within that time frame then it is herpes and you need to go see a doctor.  Remember the time frame.  He did tell me don't be surprise if after you heal another one appears in the same general area, thus it is not herpes keeping in mind that the old one was healed within the time frame and a new one appeared.  Another thing I was told is to drink plenty of liquids because dryness of your mouth may be present when these "mouth ulcers" appear.   Note below are my findings:  Go to Walgreens and buy some "Lypsyl" lip balm it has a small bee printed on the chap stick and has a green cap and it is a lip moisturizer and cost about $3 to $4 dollars and it is where the original chap sticks without flavor is located, if fact Chap Stick original is my second choise.  Use it every day in the morning, afternoon, and before you sleep and these "mouth ulcers" will leave you alone.  I have tested these idea so far 4 month and I am still under stress but I am drinking plenty of liquids and using "Lypsyl" lip balm and none have appeared.   To dry those white spots eat some munchies potato chips they have plenty of salt.  To relief the pain and discomfort buy "Campho Phenique" it says cold sore treatment with drying action at Walgreens, priced under 4.00 and comes in a small tube like a gel or toothpaste, squeeze some on your finger and rub it on the white spot and then spit the access stuff out and don't drink it.  Do this before you eat and you will eat a lot better and then put it back on after you eat.   You can also use "Campho Phenique" when your tooth hurts.   You can also use "Kanka" but it will stain your teeth for a while, till you brush your teeth and will stain your clothes permanent if you drop that liquid.  Orajel does the same as "Kanka". However, I prefered "Campho Phenique" because I could wipe my finger off on my pants and it will not stain your clothes, nor will it leave an stain on your teeth.  You can carry it in your purse or inside your pants and use it discreetly whenever you need it. 
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