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Warcraft: I don't conflict between the lakers and Bryant's role has great chance to win

Posted Mar 11 2013 2:53am
The Los Angeles lakers continue in staples, against the Chicago bulls, the lakers to a 90-81 victory over the bulls, to rewrite the record of 33-31, ranking rose to 8 in the western conference. Along with the defeated the bulls, lakers record beyond jazz (32-31), formally to eighth in the west and continue to fight for a playoff spot. When Nike Air Max 2012 it comes to kill the feeling of it into the top eight, Bryant's response at the same time, the eyes also in circles, "oh, really very happy." Obviously, kobe's response is limited to this. As a veteran champion 5 times, kobe Bryant, of course, is no. 8, in the west won't be satisfied with earlier said he play only for one thing, that is the title. So to see the team ranked eighth, kobe Bryant did not show too much emotional, "moody? Please, or leave the fucking emotional until retired." Then a reporter asked, in kobe Bryant's contract, isn't it must the lakers into the playoffs. This, Bryant responded by saying, "I have never consider the damn thing on the contract." In today's game, kobe and Dwight Howard showed very tacit understanding, two people together in details for the bulls, douse the emerging of the opponent. Around him, after the Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 game, kobe and Dwight Howard the person produces a lot of feelings. Spoke with Bryant's cohesive force and the chemical reaction is gradually enhanced, Howard affirmative answers are given, and mentioned the Bryant's new nickname, "is like this. I drank some wine, some wines (vino, Bryant's nickname) recently, it help me a lot." Kobe and Dwight Howard now gradually find a tacit understanding, focused on offense, Bryant and Howard gradually show dominance on the defensive end. "I have to do is do my best, that is defense and rebounding," Howard said, "is not the role of conflict between us." You have to adapt to each teammates around you. Our relationship will continue to become better. We have been friends, but as a team, this is the first year, so the development of the relationship takes time. We all have the same goal, we are talking about to make history together. What we are after is to win the championship. "And heard a reporter said although the lakers into the top eight, but didn't have Nike Air Max 2012 Mens a chance to win, Howard is not dry, and he is very confident to the team," we have a great chance to win. We believe in ourselves, we believe in the team. West outshine others "walkers, 7 of 10 shots had 24 points and five rebounds and 3 assists four steals, Hilbert had 16 points and four rebounds, Paul - George was only 2 of 11 shots, 10 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists, 5 turnovers, bench augustine hit four 3-pointers scored 14 points, only seven points out master George hill. There are 7 minute 03 second end of the third quarter, check moss udonis haslem passing three point hit, this is he the game into four 3-pointers, the heat with the ball will be the score rewriting is 73-53, since this season, the pacers are heat only not beaten opponent, following two meetings are the pacers have the last laugh,Leblanc had, in a said in an interview: the walker is one of the largest rivals, the heat in the eastern today with 17 in a row, while the 28-3 in American airlines arena in Miami, Miami and had only one idea, that is to win over the pacers, indiana revenge. Words say so, though Nike Air Max 2012 Womens it is withholden the pacers power still not cover, game start and they rely on the hill, west of the continuous attack teams were successful and the heat, the paint has been Miami's biggest weakness, a few days ago and the magic of fighting to the last 3.2 seconds, is the big white bear arms cut has caused considerable trouble to Miami, now the pacers insider beat the Miami heat have played the experience, so until the first half, the score on both sides in a stalemate.
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