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Vertical Root Fracture

Posted Aug 24 2008 6:51pm
This 92 year old patient came into our office for evaluation of #7. She reported no pain, but had a sinus tract between #6 & #7. Probing around #7 appeared normal.

The radiograph appeared to show some lateral radiolucency at the level of the post. The post also appeared slightly off angle with the root canal obturation. Despite the lack of narrow probing depths, I suspected a root fracture.

At this point, we decided to verify that fracture by disassembling the restoration. The patient was informed that if the root was fractured, then she we would not be able to save the tooth.

After simultaneous removal of the post and crown, multiple vertical root fractures were identified. A lingual, and distal fracture are seen in this image.

A mesial root fracture is seen in this angle.

Visualizing a fracture is the only certain way to diagnose a root fracture. This procedure is not well reimbursed, if at all. It will certainly require time that could be used for more productive treatment. However, if it was my tooth, I would want to know it is fractured before extracting it.

I suspect that a possible application of the new cone beam dental CT's will help with diagnosis of vertical root fracture.
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