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Tooth Staining

Posted Nov 25 2011 8:18pm
Hi Dr. Ellie,

I have always taken good care of my teeth but i've had cavities, crowns, and receding gum lines.

I read your website extensively before I started the system 6 months ago. I was aware that I might get black staining after starting the system. I did, it came off after my first teeth cleaning and my teeth looked great.

after 3 months of my cleaning i got the black stains again. They look pretty horrible, I just went in and got another cleaning.

I have been using the correct products..I use the blue original listerene. could this be causing such intense staining? or do you think it might be the clo-sys? I stopped by wallgreens today and bought the gold colored listerine.

I want to keep doing the system, I love it and I think it really helps.

ps I found out a year ago that i have celicas disease. I'm not sure what the dental community thinks about celiacs but I think it has been a big factor with my troublesome teeth

Thank you for your time.


Hi DD,

Thanks for your message - I am glad that the staining did not make you too worried - and that you realize there is a time line - related to the slow death of harmful and infected plaque bacteria.

I do happen to think that the yellow Listerine is slightly better at keeping teeth whiter and causing less staining.

However, I think the problem is that you are getting "re-infected".

Check that you clean your toothbrush every day - keep away from any toilet area in the bathroom - allow to dry between uses - and don't kiss anyone with bad teeth (or get them on the program also!)

The removal of bacteria is normally a 6 month process.

This process takes time because it starts with the bacteria on teeth - but then the xylitol has to deal with more stubborn germs that are in the skin of the mouth and tongue, in saliva and up in your ears, sinus, nose and throat passages. These areas are all connected - and germs spread everywhere. Even if your teeth are clean, they becomes re-infected from these other areas and the germs try to attach to your teeth again etc.etc.

If you are aware of sinus, nasal drip, or ear problems - I suggest using xylitol as a nasal spray ( at least for the first 6 months) in a big effort to eradicate this disease from your digestive tract. YES - your nose and mouth are basically the entrance to your digestive tract and need to be clean - (especially if you have digestive problems - this is very important).

The secret to preventing re-infection is the following:

Make sure to have ENOUGH xylitol each day.

If you find the gum and mints are too expensive - then go to a health food store and purchase a one pound bag of pure xylitol crystals ( about $10 for a three month supply).

Make sure it is not a mix of xylitol/Splenda or xylitol/sand( silica). Both products are in the marketplace - and must be avoided.

One teaspoon of xylitol each day will give you enough xylitol to control an oral problem - BUT NOT if you put it into tea, coffee, lemonade etc.

You need to put the xylitol into water - and sip this "oral health drink" during the morning - or better yet, over a long extended period of time - keep it handy and have a little after eating or drinking each meal, snack - after anything and everything. Make sure to finish your "xylitol health drink" by the end of the day so that you have had your daily "dose" of xylitol.

Interestingly people with Celiacs disease find that sipping of xylitol helps their digestion considerably - especially if they take probiotics at the same time.

Let me know how this goes - but don't stop - you cannot afford to have cavities, crowns or receding gums. This is all preventable.

And please don't listen to the latest "hygienist hype" about peroxide and baking soda - please!!!

I believe that Arm and Hammer has some deal with the ADA since there is so much hype and bad information out there - I have SEEN the damage these products cause.

No whitening, no peroxide, no baking soda - PLEASE!!!!

I hope you will find this useful information,

Please let me know if you have any other questions,

Best wishes,


Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health
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