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TMJ Blogger Loses Job Trying to Help TMJD Sufferers

Posted Aug 28 2009 5:50pm
Well, no good deed goes unpunished, so they say, and here's a case in point.

For a year now I've been writing for, a fun site to write for as one has a carte blanche when it comes to topics. One of the requests of suite101, however, is that writers not use any articles they post on suite101 for at least a year.

Guess what? That means EVEN BLOGS. Even though I've never been paid one cent for the TMJ Blogs that shares with its readers, I was kind of "invited" to leave the site, despite the fact that I had well over 100 articles that had never been reproduced elsewhere.

So, why did I use the TMJ blogs on their site? For starters, I should have read their contract more closely. I "assumed" (and you all know what "assuming" means) that it was okay since I wasn't being compensated for the articles in any way. I also felt, and still feel - despite my job loss- very strongly that the more ways I can get information out about TMJD the better for so many people. My goal in this entire enterprise has been to HELP people. For that reason, I donate a portion of the sales of my book to PETA and other organizations. This is NOT a money-making venture for me. Rather, it's my contribution to help people who have this excruciatingly painful disease, however I can. In fact, shortly I'll be donating an entire box of books to a dental school! That's 50 books. At 17.95 retail that's over a $897.50 donation. But I got fired anyway.

Since I'm in the confessing mood, I admit I got so frustrated at my book reviews there never being read, that I posted them on True West and amazon. Again, I received no compensation for them...That was bad. I'm guilty. But no one read the things anyway. But, the fact remains, I'm guilty there. I confess. It was only a few book reviews too. I bet the authors appreciate me at least!

Well, I'm really sad about all this to be quite honest. I could understand their anger if I'd been collecting money for my postings, but that would be unethical. What I did was not unethical...what I did was for the benefit of the 50,000,000+ people who suffer from TMJ Disorder.

As I said, no good deed goes unpunished.
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