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TiFinity Toothbrush™ Product Review

Posted Nov 02 2008 7:49pm

TiFinity Toothbrushes

I can’t think of any product in recent years that I have been more excited to review than the TiFinity Toothbrush™ by TiFinity Oral Care Inc. Why? Simple. The TiFinity Toothbrush™ is unlike any other toothbrush on the market today. The differences are both numerous, and distinct.

How the TiFinity Toothbrush™ Is Different From Your Toothbrush

  • TiFinity stays in brand new condition for the life of the brush, while all other brands rapidly splay and deform, rendering them ineffective
  • Lasts 10 times longer than the average toothbrush
  • Utilizes 1000’s of tiny titanium micro-bristles
  • Titanium bristles are non-porous - remaining hygienic unlike nylon bristles
  • Clean feeling like no toothbrush you’ve ever experienced
  • Removes more plaque

My Personal Experience

I have to admit that I was both intrigued and weary prior to trying out the TiFinity Toothbrush™. The thought of using titanium bristles to brush my teeth was so foreign that I almost talked myself out of trying it. However, I was surprised to find that the titanium bristles felt very much like the nylon bristles we’re all used to - both when I ran my fingers through them, and when they were actually brushing my teeth. Maybe a bit more rigid that nylon - but not a dealbreaker. So, the titanium bristles quickly became a non-issue for me.

Amazing “Clean” Feeling

In fact, it turns out that the titanium bristles produced a “clean” feeling that I’ve never felt with another toothbrush. The inventor’s claim that the TiFinity Toothbrush™ “cleans areas between that teeth and under the gums that simply cannot be reached with traditional toothbrushes” seems to be true(for me anyway). In fact, recent studies have proven that the TiFinity Toothbrush™ cleans 15% better than the leading electric toothbrush.

Final Verdict

I like it. It took a brushing or two to determine whether it was worth purchasing a TiFinity Toothbrush™ for $25 versus a traditional nylon brush that costs around $3. However, it’s hard to imagine that I’ll go back to using a nylon-bristled brush at this point due to the long life of the TiFinity, and the extreme “clean” feeling that I experienced. Don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself if it’s worth making the switch.

Where to Find the TiFinity Toothbrush

The TiFinity Toothbrush™ is available for purchase on the TiFinity Oral Care Inc. website for $25.00 without a base, and $33.00 with a base. You even have the option of signing up for their “Auto-Send” program which will automatically send you a new TiFinity Toothbrush™ at regularly scheduled intervals at a discounted price.

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