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The Light Of Heaven

Posted Apr 01 2013 4:57am

The intellect of the wise is like glass; it admits the light of heaven and reflects it.  ~Augustus Haire~


We've talked about employees whose mental capacity, or lack thereof, just don't work in a dental practice.  I've saved the best for last.  Let's talk about the person whose intellect makes the workplace a heaven on earth because of the peace and light she brings with her (or him).

A wise employee knows the following equation: information shared is information squared.  When you share what you know, help someone else look good, or help out without worrying what's in it for you, everyone increases.  

This is the employee who does whatever she does for the right reasons, to help make things better.  Her goal is for the success of the practice and the welfare of the patient and her co-workers.  She goes about her business without the need for applause or fanfare.  Funny enough, that is what the employee who is too smart for her own good is looking for, and will rarely find, yet this unassuming person will win the respect and goodwill of others without ever pursuing it.

This employee makes everyone feel good when they are around her and draws others to herself.  She deflects praise and directs it to others.  My friend Julie works in another practice in town and she is a shining example of this.  She exudes love and goodwill.  She means it and you can feel it.  She inspires confidence in herself and the practice she works in.  The light of heaven truly is exhibited in her demeanor, her words, her actions and her countenance.  If she left her job she'd have multiple offers as soon as the news that she was available got out.  Everyone wants this kind of employee, but they are rare and rarely available.

This type of employee has an intelligence that can not be taught.  It is character and integrity that make them special.  Decency and self-knowledge give them confidence, and that confidence guides them to intelligent actions and decisions.  It makes them treat others so well that they build them up too, inspiring them to their own confidence and improved performance.  It's a wonderful ripple effect.

This is the kind of person you want to surround yourself with.  This why you don't tolerate negativity and insolence.  You make your practice able to support this type of goodness by eliminating the things that will discourage or repel it.  As a manager, that's your goal and that's your job.


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