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The filling at my lower right last molar dropped out 4 times. Should i do a crown or remove the tooth?

Posted May 05 2013 11:59am




First and foremost, we need to determine the cause of your repeated filling failure. There are many reasons for this. The common ones could include large or deep cavity, fillings that are not adequately prepared, heavy grinding, etc.  Once the reason for the dislodged fillings is suspected, we can then recommend the appropriate treatment to increase the longevity of the tooth.

If you have an existing deep cavity, we need an x ray to check if there is any risk to the nerve of the tooth. From your question, it seems that you are not experiencing any pain. This seem to have a better prognosis. Having said that, you may still need root canal treatment in future if signs or symptoms arise. Root canal treatment is only recommended if the tooth is suitable for crown. This means that there should be enough tooth structure to receive crowning. Your dentist can check for you on this.

On the other hand, if there is any other complications eg severe gum problems, shaky tooth, existing cracks in the tooth, you will need to consider carefully if you want to keep the tooth.  If the prognosis for doing crown is poor, then you may be right to just remove it and do an implant instead. Your decision may involve financial and time commitment.

Hence, you need to have a proper evaluation by your dentist and he or she will enlighten you further.

Take care.

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