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The Cross Of Life - Work

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:17am

    To have balance in the work area of the Cross of Life, the work must be enjoyable.  I have three children.  Two of them enjoy school very much and have been very motivated to study and get good grades.  One has her Master's degree and the other will start his Master's program in the fall.  The other is an amazing artist.  He is creative and gets lost in his art.  That is the path I hope he follows.  He does good enough in school, he could do a lot better if he had the drive the others had toward studying and grades, but that's not him.  He is in his element when the scent of paint is in the air.  I have told all my kids that whatever they choose to do in life, they should choose something that they will enjoy going to do every day.
    This is part of knowing yourself, and the first step toward enjoying your worklife.  Some people love predictability, others enjoy constant change.  Dr. Price is great to assist with because he is methodical.  He's perfected his skills, and working with him makes it easy to achieve that flow that feels so satisfying.  Working in tandem without fumbling and hesitating feels so accomplished and efficient.  I love that part of my job.  I also love autonomy, which I have a lot of in the management part of my position.  I love teaching others, and I get to do that with new staff members.  I'm very lucky to have all these different components in my position.
    Challenging work is also important.  If you can look at challenge as a way to expand your skill and keep things interesting you will be less likely to be stressed by the unexpected or difficult and more likely to enjoy what you do.
    Don't take on more than you know you can handle.  As I stated in my last post, lots of overtime and constant thoughts about work don't make you more interesting, it just makes you one dimensional, exhausted and dull.  It can also make you resentful, short-tempered and argumentative.  If this sounds like you, delegate what you can and reconsider what's realistic for you.
    Get feedback, good and bad.  Good so that you are inspired and satisfied, and bad so that you have direction.  When someone tells you about the good results of your efforts you can appreciate what your work has allowed you to achieve.  Hearing about what doesn't work or needs to change can give you new direction and re-energize you to set off on a new and interesting path.  Critical feedback doesn't have to mean negative feedback.  Critical feedback says, "I believe in you, so I'm telling you what you need to change because I know you will succeed."  Negative feedback is, "I don't think you will ever be able to do this, you're fired."  See the difference?
    One of the feelings I enjoy while I'm working is what I call "getting in the zone."  Getting so absorbed in what I'm doing that an hour passes in what feels like 5 minutes.   When that happens, work is truly satisfying and enjoyable.
    Finally, your worklife must be a step toward other meaningful things in your life.  Does your work allow you to spend time doing things you enjoy with people you love?  Do you receive and feel a sense of gratitude because of what you do?  One of the best realizations that I have had in my work is that I'm lucky to work for a person of Dr. Price's character, with a staff made up of brave, inspired, strong and wonderful women, in an environment of trust, understanding and love.  It is the recognition and understanding of all that which lends grace to what we do.

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