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The Care and Feeding of Dentures

Posted Apr 03 2009 10:27am

The baby boomer generation is only growing older. More and more are going to need enhanced dental care. In fact, more people are having to have dentures made for the first time ever. Here are a few tips if you have never had to care for dentures before.

You should be cleaning your dentures every single day. Having food and other nasty items on your dentures may cause them to smell and grow to be annoying. Make sure you brush your dentures with a soft toothbrush every day, after every meal if possible. When brushing your dentures make sure that you are using a denture cleaning paste and not regular toothpaste. Using regular toothpaste may cause your dentures to become more delicate and difficult to use. Do not brush your dentures with a stiff toothbrush as it may cause your dentures to break or become damaged. Try to be as cautious as possible with your dentures. Not only are dentures very expensive to replace, they are also fragile. When you are not wearing your dentures, you need to store them properly. Storing your dentures improperly can cause them to warp and no longer fit comfortably. If you are not wearing your dentures, store them in cool water, or a solution that is made for dentures.

When your first get your dentures, you may find it difficult to both speak and eat with them. However, there are several ways that you can minimize the problems with eating and dentures. First of all, make sure you practice chewing with your dentures before trying to do so with any food. It may be best to practice with a drink before trying to chew with your dentures. Once you have grasped liquids, you can move onto soft, easy to chew foods. These types of foods will allow you to eat quickly and not feel as awkward when you first received your dentures. After mastering soft foods, move up to hard foods. These foods may be difficult to eat, however, they are very common. Avoid eating hard candy and other foods that do not benefit your overall bodily health.

While it is important to clean your dentures, you should not neglect the oral care of your mouth either. You should brush your gums, palate and tongue in order to ensure that you do not have any further oral issues. Many denture users also find it useful to swish mouthwash through their mouths two or three times a day, with their dentures removed in order to keep their mouth feeling clean and fresh.

Using dentures requires that you be very careful and know what you are doing. You must be sure that you are cleaning your dentures properly, with the right materials. Make sure you always keep your dentures in a denture solution, such as Fixodent when not in use.  Starting to chew with soft foods will allow you to master using your dentures in no time.

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