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The bobcats 76-103 the pacers were five straight George 16 + 10 XiBoTe and + 7

Posted Jan 17 2013 8:34am
The indiana pacers (24-15 negative) quickly on the road to win back feeling. XiBoTe get and points, George and hill each get 16 points, four players in double figures in the first three quarters of the pacers will set up big lead over the advantages, they are on the road to a 103-76 victory over the charlotte bobcats (9 - and negative). Pacers avoid losing streak, bobcats encounter a five-game losing streak. The pacers XiBoTe get and points, seven rebounds and four blocks, George had Cheap Soldier 6 16 points and 10 rebounds, hill scored 16 points, seven rebounds and 4 assists, west had 15 points, eight rebounds and four assists, Hans bloom scored nine points and 3 rebounds, Stephenson had seven points, eight rebounds and six assists. The bobcats Henderson scored 15 points, sessions had 13 points, walker had 13 points and three steals, Gordon had seven points. More than job a jumper, XiBoTe scored 6 points rate team played 13-1 small high tide, the pacers made double-digit advantage. Henderson the three points, Stephenson retaliation three points, west layup inroads, pacers to twenty - 9 lead. The two teams get 5 points, Gordon and Adrian to 6 points, bobcats in 6-2 back wave to end the quarter, they to twenty - and backward. Sessions made two free throws to start the second quarter, Hans bloom and MaXin m six free throws, the pacers continue to expand the advantage. Walker rate team even switch 6 points to close the gap and augustine's three points, the west layup inroads, they rate team played 11-1 small high tide, half-time four and a half minutes Cheap Lebron Soldier 6 to the pacers 44-29 lead. Sessions hair force one singles, even the gap with eight points to 11 points, hill two free throws, gill cristal a three-point play bobcats, success at halftime forty - fifty backward ten points. The pacers in the first half of the west had 11 points and seven rebounds, hill scored nine points and four rebounds, XiBoTe get eight points; The bobcats team sessions to get ten points, walker had seven points. Even George two three points, the pacers with ten - 2 small high tide began to the third quarter, the pacers pull the advantage to and points. More than job hook hit, and George Stephenson respectively layups, the pacers 67-46 lead to 21 points. Walker two attack successful, west and hill to 6 points, the pacers response to continue to maintain the advantage. Sessions two penalty one, XiBoTe 2 + 1 success, hill three points in the former three quarters, ZhanBa pacers a 83-57 lead 26 points. The final quarter began Henderson four free throws, bobcats lags behind in 22 points. The large gap make the Cheap Lebron 6 game time to waste time, two teams sent to substitute, and ultimately the pacers to a 103-76 win. The lakers play victory over Cleveland, finally ended the awkward six straight, and for them, the better news is undoubtedly return of warcraft performance and grab an eye, had 22 points and 14 rebounds. The bucks this season as they are now 19 games and negative row in the east, as one of the eighth team leader, Jennings last week of eastern best this season, he averaged 18.5 points and 5.8 assists 3.7 rebounds. Ellis has 18.9 points and 5.5 assists 3.5 rebounds contribution, today they will for kobe Bryant, the lakers' backcourt Nash cause great trouble. Injury, pau gasol for a concussion will still absent, clark will start the game. The rockets in the home to a 109-117 loss to the clippers, 4 were losing streak. The regular season is the clippers sweep (3 -) after that, the rockets are still no end to the clippers losing streak. Although the first half the rockets still have the upper hand, but on the third day the rockets weirdness crash, finally home defeat. The game, Paul again because of injury truce, crawford substitute 29 minutes scored 30 points, bligh line and griffin have had 19 points, willy - green scored 15 points, Barnes eighteen points and rebounds. The rockets side, haddon 23 points three assists Penny Hardaway Shoes 4 rebounds, Lin hao book 12 points 10 assists, parsons 17 points, four assists delfino 16 points. The turning point of the game appears in the third quarter, the first half in the 59 ratio and weak lead, most time they lead to 7 points, but to start the third quarter 3 minutes before the rockets into scoring drought, the clippers kept out of a wave of 10 - small high tide, pull open the points difference, 索飚 bligh three points finish layups, griffin and small Jordan to dominate, in parsons continuous driving layup inroads, green overdrive, continuous hit two three points, and play 2 + 1 success, the clippers at one fell swoop the lead swelled to and points.
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