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The ADAA Creed - Make the Most of Your Career

Posted Dec 29 2009 3:08am

"To be prepared to visualize, take advantage of, and fulfill the opportunities of my calling."                 ~Juliette Southard~

This is a part of the ADAA Creed that can make the difference between developing a satisfying, rewarding career, or being stuck in a go-nowhere job.  In the end, it will also affect the future of professional dental assisting.

An assistant who visualizes the opportunities of assisting will pursue education for herself.  She will then bring that knowledge to her patients and co-workers.  She will visualize ways that she can use the knowledge she gains to improve service to the patients, thereby helping improve the practice.  She can see how things can be better and share her ideas with everyone else.  She will seek out opportunities to grow through on-line forums, publications and continuing education classes.  She can see that by bringing more to the practice she increases her value to the practice and will be given more responsibility.  She will not see that responsibility as an added burden, rather she will enjoy the variety that it adds to her day.  She will understand that being trusted with greater responsibility is an honor and an acknowledgment of her efforts.

As she grows in her career, she will realize that other opportunities will open up for her.  She can use her knowledge and experience to mentor new assistants.  She can reach out by writing journal articles herself, participating as a member or officer of the ADAA, or speaking and consulting, growing into a management position etc.  The opportunities multiply as the assistant develops herself within her profession.  Once an assistant and a dentist begin to visualize the possibilities of what she can offer the practice, fulfilling that promise is an easy goal to visualize and pursue. 

When assistants take advantage of the opportunities that assisting offers, and take pride in providing good service, they help not only themselves and their practice, they help the profession of dental assisting.

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