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Tea Tree Oil

Posted May 13 2011 7:07pm
Dr. Ellie,

Thanks for your book.

You say in "Kiss Your Dentist Good-bye" that Xylitol kills decay-causing bacteria (Streptococcus mutans), leaving the "healthy" bacteria alone.

This "heals-the good/kills-the-bad bacteria" claim is also made about Tea Tree Oil (A.k.a. Melaleuca oil.") related to Streptococcus mutans bacteria.


There is a company: "Melaleuca, The Wellness Company" that sells products by catalog that use Melaleuca oil in many of the products, including their toothpaste and mouthwash. I use their products, personally.

--Do you know of any information related to use of Melaleuca Oil as part of an oral hygiene program?
--Do you know of any "interference" between Melaleuca Oil and Xylitol?
--Do you know of any "synergies" between Melaleuca Oil and Xylitol?

Mr. C

Hi Mr. C,

I am aware of Melaleuca and these products - I have tried them.
They may be of some help to some folks - but I do not recommend them in my system.

Some dentist friends of mine have recommended them and sold these products to their patients.
When I asked " do they work" ( - and to me that means that the products improve and sustain Ultimate Oral Health - teeth and gums) my dentist friends said "no" - and told me that their patients continue to need dental work, cleanings etc.

I feel that these products do not address enough of the factors responsible for cavities and gum disease.
I know that my system works - so I recommend it. I love to help people turn their oral health around and keep it that way - year after year - even if it does not bring me product sales.

Believe me - I WISH I could endorse a system that would provide me a "lucrative career" !!!
I know my system works - and that it can be easily purchased in a local Walgreens. If I could make it more mysterious - I could probably make a fortune - but it isn't really mysterious. It is common sense if you understand teeth and mouth chemistry!

Thanks so much for your question, I am not able to be specific about the interactions of melaleuca oil - but I assume there is no harm from using these products.

Best Wishes,

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