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Swollen and bleeding gums in a 2 and 1/2 year old?

Posted by CandaceH25

My son has been very ill with what we were told was "a viral infection that would run its course." A few days after being told this we took him to Children's Hospital because he was getting worse. He ran a temperature on average of 102 for a few days and had a runny nose. At Children's we find out that he actually has a double ear infection (this is his 6th one). We were already scheduled for ear tubes next month. He started complaining the night before the hospital that his teeth were hurting. He hadn't really been interested in eating for a few days so we thought maybe his teeth were just sensitive because of that. We didn't notice even at the hospital that his gums were actually swollen. I admit we have skimped on his oral hygiene a little. He was having such a hard time sleeping so when he would fall asleep we would let him sleep and didn't wake him to brush his teeth (I know, I know. I should have woke him up).

 The doctor ran a round of antibiotics through his IV at the hospital for his ears and then prescribed him a 10 day supply of oral antibiotic. 

He won't eat anything he has to chew it is so painful, and when we brush his teeth it is even more painful. They bled this morning when I brushed them.

We are waiting on the doctor to return our call, but in the meantime....

Does this sound like the sinus and ear infection spread to his gums? Gingivitis? Or Oral herpes? He doesn't seem to have sores, but he won't let me in there to check.


(we have been fever free for about 12 hours) 

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