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Surgical Repair of Post Perforation

Posted Aug 24 2008 6:51pm
This patient presented without pain but presence of draining sinus tract in the buccal attached tissue over #7. The position of the draining sinus tract directly at the level of the post, normal periodontal probings and evaluation of the radiograph made me suspicious of a post perforation. (note the widened ligament to the level of the post, and completely normal appearance at the periapex)

Options discussed included retreatment or apical surgery. Since the crown is all porcelain, we decided to treat surgically.

Ochsenbein-Luebke surgical flap was selected to prevent recession of marginal gingival, and minimal loss of crestal bone. The periodontal attachment was still in tact following flap reflection despite the loss of buccal bone adjacent to the perforation.

Metal tip of the post was visible without any removal of any buccal bone.

The post was counter-sunk using a high speed handpiece.

Preparation of the root. Note that this was not the apex of the root. This repair was being done on the mid-root surface.

Geristore was selected as the restorative material. Since Geristore is a bonded material, moisture control is important. Astringedent was used for hemostasis and the root was acid etched, primed and bonded.

Geristore placed in the preparation and cured.

Geristore was contoured to the root surface.

Final film. This will be an interesting case to follow. Expect a good result and repair of boney defect. We'll continue to monitor this tooth over time. Endodontic surgery has provided a valuable service to this patient prolonging the life of this tooth, the crown and hopefully regenerating the boney defect. Stay tuned for updates!

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