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stingy feeling inside my mouth when i eat certain things

Posted by quietstormfst

I've noticed that after I eat certain foods (specifically citrus fruits, strawberries, certain merlot wines, and  italian dressings)  my gums and tongue will begin to sting.  Is there a common denominator in these foods that I may be allergic to?  What could be causing this, and what can I do about it?  This also happens when I vomit.  
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I don't know about allergies, but these foods can be acidic and your tongue could be sensitive to this. Some people get these reactions to walnuts, margarita mix, and other acidic items. The Italian dressing has vinegar...the citrus and berries would be acidic...When you throw up there is probably stomach acid involved in the partially digested food.

Try to eat FULLY RIPE fruit - that may help. Change to a different salad dressing. I'm not a doctor...but if necessary avoid these items or eat them sparingly. By the way, do you have a geographic tongue? People with geographic tongues are often more sensitive to tangy, acidic foods.

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