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Stat!: And We Wonder Why Chronic Disease Is Such a Problem?

Posted Jul 08 2009 11:44am

Percent of Americans in 1988 who ate at least five servings of vegetables and fruit each day: 42
Percent who did so in 2006: 26

Percent of American men in 1988 who exercised at least 30 minutes a day, three times each week: 57
Percent of American women in 1988 who did: 49
Percent of Americans who did so in 2006: 43

Percent of Americans in 1988 who followed all five habits considered part of a healthy lifestyle (good diet, avoiding obesity, no smoking, moderate/no drinking, exercise): 15
Percent who did so in 2006: 8

Sources: Bad Habits Asserting Themselves ( NY Times ) and “Healthy lifestyles” Wane in US (BBC)

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