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sore lump in upper palette of mouth

Posted by caroitis

My son 26 has a swollen sore lump near the front of the upper palette of his mouth. He first complained of pain 4 days ago-area looked normal then - thought might ba related to candy he had sucked on the day before.

The next day pain was (no worse) but definitely looked slightly raised center of palate coloration was normal.

Yesterday the lump still sore but definitely more swollen and more on one side of palate slightly not very red.

Today lump much more swollen and red and closer to front near the teeth when touched he yelled.

I began giving him Multivitamins, B, folic acid, D and Echinacea as soon as discomfort began. He took some Benadryl yesterday. Been taking Tylenol for pain.  He was already taking 2 5/500   hydrocodone per day due to a life altering work injury last year, 2 surgeries, still in PT, and unable to work.

I first think of this as a medical problem, after seeing the change tonight feel he needs to go to Dr Tomorrow. He had shown an ER Nurse (Sister) who was unconcerned yesterday, but today so much worse, I am very concerned. He thought it would get better. He doesn’t want to miss his PT to go.

I thought first needed to see Dr, then to dentist if they said so. Is that correct?

He had some fillings in Dec and a crown that was fairly bad I was told.

Can you recommend some possible conditions that could cause a sore lump on palette that gets larger?       It is not in the area of the Dec. crown. It does not look at all like thrush or mouth ulcers.

If I cannot propose some possibilities I am afraid he will wait too long. He has had a terrible year. Any info would be appreciated.


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