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Sorbitol & Acid Reflux

Posted May 24 2012 9:33am
Dear Dr. Ellie:
Are the gums on the market – such as Trident – effective at delivering xylitol? I make lemonade with xylitol in the summer and my kids don’t know the difference. Is that not as effective as xylitol and water because of the acidity of the lemon?
 Have a great day,


Dear P
Any gum ( like Trident) that mixes xylitol and sorbitol together - basically inactivates the benefits of the xylitol - plus sorbitol can give you bad stomach problems. Sorbitol is used by plaque bacteria - to produce thickened plaque - and many who eat a lot of sorbitol (sugarless) gum have gingivitis and bleeding gums.

Also, sorbitol appears to give people symptoms of acid reflux - quite possibly because it fuels the bacteria responsible for indigestion symptoms (C. Pylori - here is a link: )
So - my suggestion: don't consume gum with sorbitol - it is really not safe for you or for your teeth!

Also you would be better to use a natural sugar in the lemonade and then have some xylitol after drinking it. I do not recommend putting xylitol in acidic or harmful drinks - it gets too diluted in the acidity. Use xylitol immediately after to take the acidity away.

Thanks for your interest - and let me know how things work out for you when you add Closys to your routine.
Best wishes,


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