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Sometimes We Forget

Posted May 13 2012 9:06pm
I saw this video today and I realized that sometimes I forget how lucky I am. When I see a video like this and I think about the very small things that I let bother me, I realize that I need to remember to put things in perspective more often. Sometimes we just need to be more aware of the path our thoughts and emotions are taking and stop for a moment to monitor ourselves. Look at the kids in this video, they are full of the hope to overcome their very serious problems. Look at the doctors and nurses and the love and joy they bring to their work. They are all proud of the way they are facing their challenges. They have learned what matters. Think about the things we get upset with over the course of a day. Our boss says something that we think may have been a little insulting and we pout or get quiet hoping he'll ask what's wrong so we can let him know we're offended. Or another staff member is kissing up and it just drives you a little crazy. One person isn't pulling her weight and look, that one is texting her boyfriend. Tragic? No, just annoying if you focus on it. In all honesty, whether we like it or not, it's part of the human condition. People do things they're not supposed to do, not everyone sees things as we do, speaks as we speak or works like we work. It's ok. Fix what you can and learn to accept the rest. If you find yourself getting annoyed, just hum "Stronger" to yourself and think of these kids. They'd love to have your problems instead of theirs. In memory of my brother Charles Otranto who fought his brave fight against cancer until December 5, 2011.
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