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Some Wisdom On Wisdom Teeth Extraction And Other Procedures

Posted May 19 2011 8:06am
San Diego teeth whitening

Four wisdom teeth are present in majority of the patients with 32 teeth in upper and lower jaw. Most of the time, there is not enough space for the last molar teeth to erupt out of the gums and the wisdom teeth often emerges in abnormal direction. This could lead to significant pain, pressure or discomfort. At times, a cyst may develop adjacent to these teeth leading to destruction of bone adjacent to these teeth. Most orthodontics believe that after orthodontic treatment, pressure could develop secondary to the wisdom teeth. This could lead to crowding of the anterior teeth again. Many of these problems can develop with little or no discomfort to the patients so that damage may be extensive before discovered. Oral & maxillofacial surgeons recommend removal of wisdom teeth earlier. This allows for faster healing time. In some cases in adults who never had their wisdom teeth extracted, however, if there is no discomfort or medical complications, they are left inside.


Along with wisdom teeth extraction, San Diego teeth whitening is a very common cosmetic dentistry procedure that many patients take advantage of when suffering from yellowed teeth. Having discolored teeth can present problems. Aesthetically, discolored teeth can convey a sense of uncleanliness and bad health. They can signal to a potential employer that you as the interviewee doesn’t take good care of your teeth, which can mean you won’t take good care of your daily tasks on the job. When a San Diego dentist examines your teeth to determine if teeth whitening is a good option for you as a cosmetic dentistry candidate, she or he will ask you a few questions regarding your eating habits, overall oral hygiene, smoking and other habits (if applicable), and your goals for improving the appearance of your face and smile.


Many satisfied San Diego cosmetic dentistry patients have benefitted from having their teeth whitened and improving their overall appearance. When a person knows their teeth is clean-looking and as white as they were before yellowing set in, it does something to his or her confidence and general outlook on life. Yellowed teeth aren’t the only condition that can negatively affect a person’s smile and consequently confidence. For missing or badly degraded teeth, there are solutions as well, such as getting dental implants San Diego cosmetic dentists say. For additional information, visit: to learn more.

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